Our malls

Malls State Total GLA % Owned GLA Services
Plaza Niterói RJ 44,049 100.0% 44,049 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Tijuca RJ 35,565 100.0% 35,565 Manag./Leasing/BO
Norteshopping RJ 77,908 74.5% 58,041 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Tamboré SP 49,835 100.0% 49,835 Manag./Leasing/BO
Center Shopping Uberlândia MG 52,686 21.0% 11,064 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Recife PE 75,213 31.1% 23,357 Shared Manag./ Leasing
Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz SP 19,165 100.0% 19,165 Manag./Leasing/BO
Campinas Shopping SP 34,566 100.0% 34,566 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Del Rey MG 37,032 80.0% 29,626 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Estação PR 54,716 100.0% 54,716 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Villa-Lobos SP 26,806 63.4% 17,000 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Campo Grande MS 39,213 70.9% 27,808 Manag./Leasing/BO
Independência Shopping MG 23,941 83.4% 19,967 Manag./Leasing/BO
Catuaí Shopping Londrina PR 63,089 93,0% 58,672 Manag./Leasing/BO
Goiânia Shopping GO 22,252 49,2% 10,941 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Curitiba PR 22,920 49.0% 11,231 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Iguatemi Caxias do Sul RS 30,324 71.0% 21,530 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Piracicaba SP 43,431 75.3% 32.725 Manag./Leasing/BO
Mooca Plaza Shopping SP 41,964 60.0% 25,178 Manag./Leasing/BO
Top Shopping RJ 25,768 50.0% 12,884
Catuaí Shopping Maringá PR 32,329 100.0% 32,329 Manag./Leasing/BO
Amazonas Shopping AM 34,214 34.1% 11,667 Manag./Leasing/BO
Jardim Sul SP 30,800 60.0% 18,480 Manag./Leasing/BO
São Luís Shopping MA 54,890 15.0% 8,234
Shopping ABC SP 46,285 1.3% 602
Rio Anil MA 37,760 50.0% 18,880 Manag./ Leasing
Estação BH MG 33,982 60.0% 20,389 Manag./Leasing/BO
São Bernardo Plaza Shopping SP 42,880 60.0% 25,728 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Vila Velha ES 71,768 50.0% 35,884 Manag./Leasing/BO
Shopping Estação Cuiabá MT 47,106 75.0% 35,330 Manag./Leasing/BO
Araguaia Shopping GO 21,758 50.0% 10.879
Total 1,274,216 65.3% 832,126

Amazonas Shopping

Amazonas Shopping is located in Manaus, with over 28 years of operation, privileged location in the central-southern area and easy access. It opened in 1991 as the first mall in the city and underwent its first expansion in the year 2000. This project gave the mall a new meaning, offering even more modern concepts, comfort and security to its customers. In 2007, the mall started to be managed by brMalls, a fact that further boosted its development. In addition to being recognized for its privileged location, Amazonas Shopping also stands out for hosting large local events and with licensed brands. The mall has a professional and mature management, highlighted in the registered NPS values and a strong and extremely diversified tenant mix, which includes the first Pet Park in malls in the Northern region.

Campinas Shopping

Located in Campinas, the main city in the countryside of São Paulo, Campinas Shopping bears the name of the city and is the most important center for shopping, leisure and services in the western region. Opened in 1994, the asset has a history of dynamic growth, constantly revitalizing itself and standing out from the competition with its mix of unique services and excellent entertainment options for consumers. Today, the mall has over 150 stores, a cinema complex, a food court with various restaurants and covered parking. In addition to the most varied shopping options, Campinas Shopping has a range of services, considered a reference for concentrating several segments that meet customer’s demands in a single place. Poupatempo (government multiservice center), gym, the currency exchange office and a printing shop are some of the conveniences that facilitate customers’ daily lives. In addition, the mall also has the largest Detran (traffic department) unit in the city of Campinas, thus attracting a varied audience.

Shopping Catuaí Londrina

Catuaí Shopping Londrina opened in 1990 and is currently considered a tourist attraction in the city of Londrina, due to its high flow of visitors – reaching the level of one million people per month. The mall is a reference in retail in the state of Paraná, standing out for being a horizontal mall, having a pleasant environment, natural lighting and for its two expansions, promoted along three decades. The asset has regional dominance and has been considered a top of mind mall for 20 consecutive years. For its consumers, it represents tradition, reference and status, offering an exclusive and qualified tenant mix. For its tenants, Catuaí Londrina is defined as a mature, traditional mall.

Catuaí Shopping Maringá

Catuaí Shopping Maringá was opened in 2010 and, in 2020, celebrates its 10 years of existence. The mall stands out as the largest and best shopping and leisure center in the region, providing high levels of comfort and convenience for its 500 thousand monthly visitors, therefore making it a destination of opportunities and happiness. The asset is located in Maringá, but is close to 60 municipalities and is considered the main mall of the entire region. In addition to a complete tenant mix, with 36 exclusive national brands, the mall also has numerous options for convenience and services, such as a supermarket, college, hotel, lottery and banks. It is a reference in children’s events in the city and in gastronomy, having the best food court in Maringá. It is also recognized for its modern architecture, which includes a vast outdoor area, wide corridors and natural lighting.

Center Shopping Uberlândia

The mall opened in 1992 in Uberlândia, and since then has undergone four expansion projects. Center Shopping Uberlândia stands out for being a mall with numerous services, shopping, food, business and leisure options. Today, it is the largest mall in the region and one of the largest in Brazil. The asset is part of a mix-used complex, which includes a convention center, shopping center, commercial tower and two hotel towers. In 2019, constructions began on the retrofit project, aiming to modernize the mall and improve the customer experience. In addition to being located at the intersection of the two main avenues of the city, close to the university and the city hall, the mall also has a complete tenant mix and the largest food hub in Minas Gerais, with exclusive restaurants in the city. Thus, Center Shopping Uberlândia consolidates itself as a pioneer mall with a strong regional reach.

Goiânia Shopping

Goiânia Shopping was opened in 1995, on the same day as the anniversary of the capital of the State of Goiás. Over the years, the mall has undergone two major expansions and has evolved to meet the needs of its visitors with new areas, a complete food court, a diversified and qualified tenant mix, as well as five stories of parking. The asset is located in the noblest region of the capital of Goiás, which stands out for having a high population density and registering one of the highest economic growth rates in the municipality. With the consolidation of Goiânia Shopping, an accelerated economic expansion occurred in the region, which attracted new entrepreneurs from the most diversified branches of activity. Currently, the mall is recognized for being one of the most modern and welcoming shopping, entertainment and leisure centers in Goiás.

Independência Shopping

Independência Shopping, opened in 2008 in Juiz de Fora, was the first major shopping center in the Zona da Mata Mineira and is located just five minutes from downtown. In addition, the easy access to the Ring Road consolidates the mall as a regional mall. The mall has an extremely diverse tenant mix, with national and exclusive brands in the city, attracting consumers in search of different types of products. In addition, its modern architecture, with ample natural lighting, and a unique location, surrounded by shopping and residential centers, are other factors that further stimulate customers to seek Independência Shopping. This has made the mall achieve a sales conversion rate above the national average, as disclosed in IBOPE´s survey.

Mooca Plaza Shopping

Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo, Mooca Plaza Shopping was opened in late 2011 and was placed in the region to leverage the local economy. The mall has a unique and modern architecture, with skylights that allows natural light to flow in throughout practically its entire length. Currently, the mall is a destination for consumers looking for better leisure, entertainment and food options. In addition to being considered by consumers as a consolidator of numerous and exclusive food options, Mooca Plaza Shopping also became recognized, in 2018, as the mall with the largest Pet Park in Brazil. On this pet platform, the customer gets a 360° experience, with services and facilities so that they can walk with their pet. Soon, Praça Pet (the pet court) will be opened, a new feature that allows visitors to dine in the mall in the company of their pets. In addition, the mall stands out for its full events calendar with attractions throughout the year, focused on children’s entertainment and experiences for the family.

Norte Shopping

NorteShopping was the first large commercial enterprise opened in the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in 1986, when the region was forgotten and devalued. In 2007, the asset underwent its second major expansion, with the creation of Pátio NorteShopping, a leisure and entertainment area with a “lifestyle center” concept. Now, a new experience will be provided to customers with the retrofit project: there will be many new features presented in the upcoming years, such as Taste Lab, the first children’s food court in Brazil, the new patio and more modern parking lots. NorteShopping is in an extremely privileged location, since the asset is easily accessible by public transport and the number of real estate developments in the surrounding area is increasing. In addition, it also stands out for the variety of services and conveniences offered to its consumers and for its diverse and complete tenant mix. NorteShopping is considered a traditional mall in the region and has been the top of mind mall for eight consecutive years.

Plaza Niterói

Opened in 1986 as the first mall in Niterói, Plaza Niterói offers customers a personalized and unique combination of services, entertainment, shops and food. In May 2013, the mall underwent an expansion process, which added 14 thousand m² of GLA to the mall, preparing it even more for its consumers. Today, it is considered the largest and most complete shopping center in the region. Plaza Niterói has a tenant mix that speaks to its customers, full of qualified stores and even some exclusive ones. It is located in downtown Niterói, which is characterized by a privileged location and easy access, due to the proximity to the ferry station, bus terminal and the central roads. The mall stands out for being a consolidated, mature, traditional and democratic mall, and it is also the only large mall in the city. In addition, it has a large sales force and a high flow of visitors.

São Bernardo Plaza Shopping

Honoring the city’s name, São Bernardo Plaza Shopping was opened in late 2012 and was automatically a reference for the São Paulo region. In addition to having a modern and cozy atmosphere, it stands out for being a shopping mall that offers exclusive experiences for its consumers. With over 150 stores, including 11 anchors and 8 megastores, the mall has a large and faithful flow of visitors throughout the year. São Bernardo Plaza Shopping is a reference point for leisure, culture and shopping for the region. Among the complete leisure options for the whole family, the 8 movie screens – one of which is the first 4D in the ABC region – stand out, the modern bowling alley, the NeoGeo Family – a children’s playground – and the food court with a wide variety of food options and renowned restaurants. In addition, the mall has natural lighting, with over three thousand square meters of glass ceiling, a large outdoor balcony in the food square and a floor dedicated to services, with a Smart Fit gym, Lavoisier laboratory and Agência Caixa Econômica Federal (bank agency).

Shopping ABC

With a 24-year history, Shopping ABC is the largest shopping center in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, which the residents of Santo André consider to be a ‘second home’. Currently, the mall is recognized for the wide variety of services and purchase options it offers to consumers, which justifies its annual flow of visitors, estimated at 10 million visitors. With a privileged location and ample parking, the mall is considered to be one of the first destination choices amount the city´s residents. The mall brings together over 200 stores, with an exclusive mix of national and international brands, which offer the best shopping experience to consumers. In addition, Shopping ABC has a large food court, ensuring that visitors are comfortable, and restaurant options for all different food preferences. Furthermore, the asset has a unique leisure, service and entertainment portfolio, with a PlayArte cinema , Playland, ToyPark, a Federal Police unit, Carrefour Express supermarket, Lavoisier Laboratory and Bio Ritmo gym.

Shopping Campo Grande

A pioneer in the state, Shopping Campo Grande was opened in 1989 and, by 2011, has consolidated itself as the capital´s only mall. With enormous representation and local strength, it has always been a trend hub in the state and is the largest and most complete shopping center in Mato Grosso do Sul. With a tradition built over more than three decades of history, it is part of the lives of its consumers and is a reference with the entire public. In 2011, the mall underwent its second expansion and became even bigger and better: 50 new stores, 300 new covered parking spaces and an expansion of the food court. Located on the main urban road in Campo Grande, the mall is surrounded by residential complexes with a high population density. Its area of influence encompasses, practically, the entire city, but mainly the most noble neighborhoods in the region. In addition to the strong presence in the affective memory of the inhabitants of Campo Grande, the mall has enormous regional relevance. Its environment seeks to offer the greatest comfort and the best experience for visitors, with two entirely air-conditioned floors, natural light and a huge variety of shops and exclusive services. Today, Shopping Campo Grande consolidates itself as the largest fashion and food hub in the entire region.

Shopping Curitiba

Named after the city, Shopping Curitiba opened in 1996. The mall is located in an old military building from the 19th century and its historic facade has become part of the asset’s identity. It was revitalized in 2007, making it a more modern and comfortable mall for its consumers. Currently, the mall offers options for convenience and service with all facilities to meet the daily needs of its customers. Shopping Curitiba is the most practical, fast and well organized mall in the city, full of shopping, leisure and entertainment alternatives gathered under one pleasant environment. It is located in an extremely favorable spot, between the four main roads of the city, which helps to maintain its flow of approximately 9 million visitors per year. In addition, the mall is surrounded by 10 internationally recognized hotels, contributing to its increase in sales, and it mainly attracts customers from classes A and B.

Shopping Del Rey

Shopping Del Rey opened in 1991, in Belo Horizonte, as one of the first shopping centers in the city. The mall has become one of the biggest entertainment references in the Pampulha region, and today offers leisure options for the whole family, with 7 movie screens, free play space for children, the only bowling alley and only Pet Park in Belo Horizonte. Recently, the asset has undergone several transformations that have made it more modern and better prepared to serve the public in the best possible way. In addition to having a new facade, new furniture and landscaping, the mall is opening Alameda Gourmet, a unique food experience that already has restaurants such as Engenho do Dedé and Outback. The mall also stands out for its pioneering events, such as, for example, the first entrepreneurial mothers fair in a shopping center in Brazil and a Solidary Christmas campaign, collecting toys to donate to the surrounding community.

Shopping Estação

Shopping Estação opened in 1997, in a building attached to the Curitiba Railway Museum, which brings together the memory of the city’s old train station, with an extensive list of attractions for the inhabitants of Curitiba. Located in the central region and surrounded by large avenues, the mall has become a reference in the city. It underwent its first expansion and revitalization in 2002 and, in 2007, it was acquired by brMalls, and has since undergone a constant qualification process. In addition to being in a privileged location with easy access to all of Curitiba and the surrounding metropolitan areas, the mall has a six-story leasable commercial tower and a large food court, serving the high flow of daily visitors in the best possible way. Currently, Shopping Estação operates as a shopping and leisure center, offering several entertainment options for families and friends.

Shopping Estação BH

Opened in 2012, Shopping Estação BH was automatically established as the first large commercial mall in the northern vector, and as the largest in growth in Belo Horizonte. The mall serves not only the public of Venda Nova and surrounding neighborhoods, but also several cities in the region, with a diversified tenant mix that include shopping, services, leisure and entertainment options. The asset is integrated with the Vilarinho intermodal station, allowing easy access by subway, municipal and intercity buses, and it also has a parking lot with 2,200 spaces. These factors contribute to the mall´s high flow of visitors, with approximately 73 thousand people circulating through its corridors daily. In addition, it is also characterized as a great entertainment hub, providing leisure for adults and children, with its 6 Cinépolis movie screens, Teatro Estação BH (theater), free children´s playground, InstaBH – the largest Instagramable space in Belo Horizonte – and temporary events carried out in its central court.

Shopping Estação Cuiabá

Opened in October 2018, Shopping Estação Cuiabá is located in the largest city in the state of Mato Grosso in terms of population and consumption potential. The venture is characterized by being the largest mall in the state and was designed to offer the greatest comfort to its visitors and a unique shopping experience, bringing the most modern concepts in the mall industry to its consumers. Shopping Estação Cuiabá stands out for its extremely versatile selection of services, leisure and stores. Regarding the culinary mix , the mall seeks to bring the best food experience to customers, offering varied restaurants and the new Taste Lab. The asset has over 60 exclusive brands and the best shopping options to meet the needs of consumers.

Shopping Iguatemi Caxias do Sul

Opened in 1996, Shopping Iguatemi Caxias do Sul is the largest and most complete shopping center in the Serra Gaúcha region. It is located in the main access to Caxias do Sul, which allows its connection with other close by cities and positions itself as the main commercial reference point, reaching customers from 24 surrounding municipalities. In 2009, the asset underwent an expansion, which resulted in the entry of several national brands, further diversifying its mix. The mall stands out for its exclusive and varied tenant mix, composed of significant national and international brands. Its options of services, retail, leisure and entertainment surprises and satisfies the 8 million consumers of the A, B and C classes who visit the mall annually. These factors, added to the extremely privileged location, makes Shopping Iguatemi Caxias do Sul a dominant mall in the region.

Shopping Jardim Sul

Shopping Jardim Sul was opened in 1990, celebrating its 30 years of existence in 2020. It is located in the heart of the Morumbi neighborhood, a region full of residential condominiums and significant business growth. The main objective of the mall is to provide comfort and well-being, offering quality services and a variety of stores and activities that meet the needs of consumers, especially residents and workers in the surrounding area. In addition to having several fashion operations that offer diversity to the customers, Jardim Sul has an ample food court and varied restaurant options, consolidating itself as a highlight in fashion and food. Always aiming to improve the consumer experience, the mall has a loyalty program – Living – which offers benefits to customers who evaluate the mall in the system. Currently, there are over 15 thousand people registered in the database and their assessments allow for more targeted and assertive communication. Also, with the retrofit project, the asset will have its facade completely remodeled, keeping up with world trends in architecture and becoming even more modern.

Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz

Located in Vila Mariana, in the Southern Zone of São Paulo, Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz is close to commercial buildings, 8 colleges, 14 hospitals, schools and other neighborhoods with high purchasing power. With intelligent architecture, the mall, opened in 2001, was the first in Brazil to offer direct access to a subway station, inspired by trends in major urban centers worldwide. In 2018, the expansion of the subway line further increased the flow of visitors and, in the future, the retrofit project will provide a new experience for consumers. In addition to a walkway leading directly to the tube station, the mall is integrated to a bus terminal that is connected to the Santa Cruz station, along with a parking lot with over a thousand spaces, offering, above all, easy access to its customers. Due to this high interconnectivity with different forms of transportation, the monthly flow of visitors reaches over 1.8 million people. In addition, the mall has 9 cinemas, the largest cinema complex in the region, two food courts and the most varied restaurant options for customers. The asset is consolidated as one of the highlights in sales/m².

Shopping Piracicaba

Opened in 1987, Shopping Piracicaba is considered the largest and most complete shopping and entertainment center in the region. In 2014, the mall underwent its greatest expansion, with the addition of over 15 thousand m² of GLA and 2 stories of covered parking. Always keeping an active relationship with the city’s residents, the mall is considered by consumers to be a place full of fond memories, collected throughout its 33-year history. The over 200 stores – with established brands that make up a complete panorama of trends -, two food courts, two event areas and ample parking with an option of covered spaces are some of the facilities that attract visitors to Shopping Piracicaba. In addition, the mall also has 12 anchor stores, the only cinema in the city, with 7 movie screens, a fitness center and electronic entertainment. The asset has the only Federal Police headquarters to issue passports in the region and is characterized as a place of convenience and practicality for the consumer.

Shopping Recife

With a trajectory of almost 40 years, Shopping Recife was the first shopping mall in Pernambuco, with a pioneer in the industry and innovation as its main characteristic. The mall receives over 65 thousand people per day, with almost 450 stores, 5.8 thousand parking spaces and 14 movie screens, with a capacity to hold up to 3 thousand people. Today, the asset stands out for its modernity and comfort offered to its consumers. Shopping Recife has a privileged location, since it is located in the most upscale neighborhood of the city, close to the airport and Boa Viagem beach, thus attracting an intense flow of visitors throughout the year. In addition, the mall stands out for being a large food hub, with about 90 food operations, and as a shopping destination, with nationally recognized brands, some of them exclusive in the city. The asset is considered to be a traditional mall in the region and is the first destination of choice for many inhabitants of the area.

Shopping Rio Anil

Shopping Rio Anil was founded in April 2010, completing, in 2020, 10 years of existence. It is located between the two main avenues in the city of São Luís, surrounded by 7 universities, and therefore located in an extremely dense region. Rio Anil is known for its pioneering spirit as it was the first mall in Maranhão to offer consumers a Pet Park, a Vertical Store the only free permanent park in the city. It has an intense annual visitor flow of over 10 million people. In August 2020, the asset will inaugurate the largest health complex of the malls in São Luís, which will anchor its services segment.

Shopping Tamboré

Shopping Tamboré opened in 1992, and was the first mall in São Paulo to be developed with the open mall concept, with an environment that values the well-being of its visitors and connection with nature. Its expansion, developed in 2011, preserves this characteristic and is a landmark for the asset. In the future, with the retrofit project construction, the mall will have its gastronomic potential expanded and the consumer experience increased. Shopping Tamboré stands out for offering a complete tenant mix – including renowned brands -, quality services and different food and leisure options for all ages. In addition, the large lounging areas, comfortable atmosphere, integrated landscaping and the Gourmet Boulevard and food court provide a unique shopping experience for visitors. The mall attends to customers from seven municipalities and is easily accessed by the Ring Road and by the Castello Branco Highway, making it a destination with easy access for its consumers.

Shopping Tijuca

Opened in 1996, Shopping Tijuca is located in the heart of the Grande Tijuca region and is the largest shopping complex in the neighborhood, with over 300 stores and kiosks aimed at serving the region’s customers. The complex also has, coupled with the mall, three commercial towers, composed of about 200 rooms, with a choice of varied services, such as the CDPI Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem (diagnostic imaging clinic) and Laboratório Sérgio Franco (laboratory), making various services alternatives available in a single place. The mall has a privileged location and easy access, since it is located in a densely populated area, close to several means of transport. Shopping Tijuca is considered a top of mind asset by tenants due to its location and its extremely diversified tenant portfolio. In addition, it stands out for its affective connection with the public, as it has been a traditional mall and destination for locals for a long time. It is a reference for the surroundings as a gastronomic hub, including numerous desired restaurant brands.

Shopping Vila Velha

Shopping Vila Velha, opened in 2014, is the largest mall in Espírito Santo. Comprising an area of 140 thousand m², it has 72 thousand m² of GLA and two accesses, one through Avenida Luciano das Neves and the other through Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek. The mall qualifies as very modern one, with wide corridors and skylights throughout its entire length. Shopping Vila Velha has a privileged location, next to the largest university in Espírito Santo (UVV). In addition, the mall is characterized as being one of the most anchored malls in Brazil, with 15 anchors and 11 megastores, and offers several unprecedented operations for the state, with premium stores and a space dedicated exclusively for children.

Shopping Villa-Lobos

Shopping Villa-Lobos was opened in 2000, with a unique architectural design, which favors natural lighting, maximum comfort and well-being of consumers, in addition to valuing cultural, environmental and social initiatives. Furthermore, the mall was built using innovative environmental trends, aiming to provide the best possible experience for the residents of its area of influence. In addition to being located in Alto de Pinheiros, one of the noblest areas of the city of São Paulo and with the highest consumption potential index in the country, Shopping Villa-Lobos offers an exclusive and complete mix of stores and services for its visitors. Dining options, retail and unparalled leisure options attract the attention of those who circulate the mall’s corridors. The asset even has unique initiatives when it comes to valuing the environment and the community, such as the Farmer´s Market, Community Garden and bicycle rental stations.

Top Shopping

Opened in 1996, TopShopping was the first shopping center in Nova Iguaçu and, today, it is the only one in the region that has a 23-year relationship with the city and its customers. In addition to being a complete and well-anchored mall with a strong penetration in its area of influence, it is also a consumer reference and starter of fashion, leisure and cultural trends in the city, making the inhabitants feel represented and welcomed at the asset. TopShopping stands out for having a privileged location, being a pioneer in the market, holding exclusive events in the Nova Iguaçu region and offering a complete tenant mix. Due to these factors, the mall receives an intense flow of visitors throughout the year and presents excellent sales performance in the region. In addition, the asset is also recognized for offering its customers several options for services, leisure and entertainment.